Our Mission

Southern Maryland Community Network (SMCN) forms a partnership between people with mental health needs and their community to foster understanding, empowerment, integration and enhanced quality of life. 

Welcome to SMCN!


Southern Maryland Community Network, Inc., is a private, non-profit mental health agency serving individuals in the Tri-County area that have been diagnosed with severe and persistent mental illnesses.


Our Guiding Principles and Values:

How we accomplish our mission is as important as the mission itself. Essential to our success are the following guiding principles and core values:

  • People have the right to shape their own destiny
  • People are the focus of everything we do
  • Employee involvement is our way of life
  • We are socially responsible
  • We do not discriminate against any qualified individual with a disability



Our Services:

Southern Maryland Community Network offers round the clock, flexible, individualized services in the community. Our Services assist people to:

  • Access Transportation
  • Access Medical Care
  • Find Housing
  • Handle Financial Responsibilities
  • Comply with Mental Health Treatment
  • Find Legal Resources
  • Access Benefits like Medical Assistance, SSI, SSDI, etc.
  • Reduce Hospitalization
  • Improve Family Relationships
  • Improve Personal Support Network
  • Find & Keep Employment while Maintaining your Benefits
  • Improve School Functioning
  • Assist with Daily Living and Social Skills



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